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dj natty releases
title Date misc. Comments
Jungle natty 1997 60 minute jump up ragga & oldschool jungle mix SOLD OUT
ride natty ride 1998 60 minute jump up ragga mix SOLD OUT
Chillum 1999 60 minute dub and dancehall mix, one for the headz. SOLD OUT
... ina De Junglist Army. 1999 30 minutes ragga, 30 minutes old school jungle.
my best selling mixtape to date (over 500)
{click here for tracklisting}
5$ (cd)
Owl Service Vol. 1 2000 30 minue mix cd, ragga dubplates and ital sounds. 5$ (cd)
Fiyawoka 001 2003 a1 lova (fiyawoka remix) b/w state of mind dub plates available for 40$+ shipping
cd of trax (suitable for cutting) 5$
fiyawoka vs. the Tin Lung Klan:
dub fi dub soundclash
2003 60 minute dub clash, plate for plate with prince babu of the tin lung klan.
basslines to blow speakers.
5$ (cd)
also available,the full 6 hour clash as mp3s 5$
Fiyawoka cd001 2003 dubplate mix cd COMING SOON
all prices include shipping.
To order mix cds, Email me at:

To order mix cds, Email me at:

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