Dj Natty...Ina De Junglist Army.
tape track listing

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**most of these titles are made up by me, since the records are white label dubplates.
it helps me to differentiate between them.

dubplate lose your soul Zion 4a
dubplate move, move Zion 7b
dubplate seven seas Zion 5b
dubplate lion did crown Zion 7a
dubplate ghetto life Zion 5a
Mr. vegas Heads High (remix) greensleeves 7in.
dubplate code red remix Zion 2a
dubplate peace peace a
dubplate rebel music Zion 4b
Side 2
dubplate jah is my guide ras 12b
Freestylers B-Boy Stance (grooverider remix) FNT 20
dubplate starliners starliner a
dubplate junglist army Zion 10a
dubplate boom bye, bye Zion 8a
dubplate rebel music Zion 4b
dubplate judgement starliner b
Tenor Saw Ring De Alarm just a teaser of it at the end.
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