This is the home of the most up to date Discography of Congo Natty Records and all Related labels.

The label that all Junglists have come to think of as Congo Natty is really 3 Seperate labels, Congo Natty Records produced by Rebel MC, Knowledge & Wisdom Records Produced By Terry T, and Souljah Records which is colaborations between Terry T and other outside producers. All 3 labels are Distributed by Exodus Distribution run by DJ Souljah. I have split this discography into 3 seperate sections, Rebel MC and the Congo Natty releases, Terry T and the Knowledge & Wisdom releases, and the Souljah releases. choose one of the buttons below to goto that area, Click the buttons next to the entries in the discogs for more info; sound files, photos, lyrics, sample sources etc. if you have any corrections or additions please email me.

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LAST UPDATED . august 18th, 2001

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