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Coming from a background deeply involved in skateboarding, break-dancing, hip-hop and dub reggae, natty got blown out by jungle in early 1995. As the music developed more toward the tech step drum & bass style, natty was inspired to get on the decks, as no one in Chicago was playing the ital rasta riddims of ragga jungle. In love with the roots bombast of ragga, natty spent the next two years honing his craft, spinning every weekend at Chicago loft parties with the Blue Collar Nation.
natty hooked up with Cosmic Breaks Recordings in the autumn of 1997. Alongside a diverse crew of DJs/producers who work in all of the varied spectrums of drum & bass, Natty started playing out more. Holding down three residencies a week, Natty has spun at everything from bars to raves, clubs, fashion shows, and gallery openings. With his excellent artistic vision and promotional instincts, Natty helped develop the distinctive look of the Cosmic Breaks record label, as well as implementing two jungle list servs, the Cosmic Breaks list and the Ragga Jungle Mailing list, both of which link junglists worldwide and provide a plethora of information -- from the latest records reviews and events happening across the globe, to extensive production advice.
Current concerns for DJ natty include the creation of his own imprint -- Fiyawoka Records. Given Natty's faith as a Rastafarian, pushing positive vibes and knowledge through music is a top priority. natty started Fiyawoka as an outlet for his soundsystem jungle stylee. As head administrator for the Ragga Jungle Mailing list, he keeps in tune with all the newest releases and the producers themselves in order to get the freshest underground dubplates. Doing it all for the love of the music, Natty strives to push the ragga style to new heights in the 21st century.

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