"This unique recording label was established in 1995 by Terry T - whose career began in the early days of the rave scene, in the form of "The Noise Factory", who set standards for others to follow. With tracks such as "Can You Feel Da Rush" recorded on the ibiza records label (one of the 1st jungle labels).
After a long series of underground hits, Noise Factory formed a label called "Third Party Records" which brought you underground classics such as: "I Bring You The Future" and "Survival".
During the summer of 1994 Knowledge & Wisdom, along with camp member "Demolition Man" brought you one of the most successful jungle tracks to date "Fire" which went to number 33 in the national charts.
Since then Knowledge & Wisdom has been developing a style and format that is ready to come to the forfront of the scene..."
(from the press release included with the Souljah recordings release SR002)

Releases as The Noise Factory

Can You Feel Da Rush - on Ibiza records
I Bring You The Future - on Third Party Records
Survival - on Third Party Records

Releases as The Prizna

Fire (Urban Shakedown Remix 7" Edit) Fire (Original Mix) Fire (Urban Shakedown Remix) Fire (Rogue Unit Remix) Fire (Nasty Jungle Remix) Fire (Splash Remix) Fire (Smokey Joe Remix) inner city
the arsonist


knowledge 1a - Future remix *
knowledge 1b - Millenuim 200 remix *
knowledge 2a - killasound *
knowledge 2b - so many yout's *
knowledge 4a - Ring da alarm feat. Tenor Saw & KRS1 *
knowledge 4b - Teardown feat. Sandeeno & SAS *
knowledge #? - It's yours
knowledge #? - Stand up and fight
knowledge 7a - Mr Fassy *
knowledge 7b - Crazy Soundboys *
knowledge 8a - Prophecy Fulfilled *
knowledge 8b - unknown *
knowledge 9a - let the fires burn *
knowledge 9b - colly weed *
knowledge 10a - Negustanegus *
knowledge 10b - #1 station (unity) *

* (asterix) denotes records I n I own.

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